Work with Denisse Oller

Denisse Oller NYC NJ CT Professional Media Training Award Winning Journalist

Media Training

Being effective on camera is a must for every leader in today’s day and age. Whether delivering a speech to a board of directors, speaking in front of thousands of people, or being interviewed on television or online, knowing how to respond, move, and retain the attention of your audience while remaining poised is integral to success.

Focused, engaging, and confident presentations position you and whoever you are representing in the best way, and are key to delivering optimal results.

With decades of prime time experience, Denisse’s media expertise is focused on delivering strong messages that make headlines and impact others positively, mastering the art of the interview, including how to anticipate and manage challenging questions, and how to speak clearly and powerfully while overcoming anxieties.

Denisse is available to train one on one or a small group depending on your needs. For more information, please message us here.

Denisse Oller Healthy Chef Food Demonstration NYC NJ CT

Healthy Cooking Demonstrations

Cooking brings people closer. Food nurtures and brings pleasure from inside out. Denisse invites you to cook with her, to have a wonderful time while learning the fundamentals of preparing easy, nutritious, delicious dishes.

A professionally trained chef, Denisse is also an advocate for healthy eating that is sustainable, budget-conscious, easy, tasty, and good for the mind, body, and soul. In the past few years, she has practiced what she preaches, losing and maintaining 15 pounds without depriving herself of her favorite foods. Denisse deeply believes in shifting the culture of home-cooked meals through mindful eating, portion control, incorporating fresh, balanced ingredients and seasonal produce while delivering non-stop flavor in the process.

Denisse is available for private classes and cooking demonstrations for up to 12 people. For more information, please message us here.

Denisse Oller Brand Ambassador New York City New Jersey

Brand Ambassadorship

A brand ambassador is someone who embodies the brand he or she is endorsing. 

Women over 60 make up one of the fastest growing group of consumers in the world. In 2000, the 60-plus population globally was 600 million; by 2010, it had swelled to 800 million, and by 2050 it is expected to hit 2 billion.

Brands know that along with age comes buying power. Denisse proudly and confidently represents being comfortable in one’s skin, embracing inner youth and adventure, independence, and fearlessness.

Denisse – a healthy lifestyle influencer who is all about great food and better wine, traveling and exploring the world, cooking up a storm, and a lover of life – firmly believes that there is nothing better than learning to relish and celebrate our uniqueness and magnificence at any age.

To inquire about collaborating for a marketing opportunity, please message us here.

Denisse Oller Brand Bilingual Motivational Speaker New York City New Jersey

Bilingual Motivational Speaker

As the first Latina to anchor a Spanish national weekend newscast (Noticiero Nacional Univision-Edicion de Fin de Semana), the first Latina to win an Emmy for a Spanish newscast in New York City, a multiple award-winning national correspondent for Univision and Telemundo, and a tireless advocate for education and opportunities for Latinas in the United States, Denisse Oller is all about empowerment. Her life has been defined by breaking barriers through courage, diligence, and persistence.

Through her talks, Denisse enchants audiences by sharing a lifetime of experiences, struggles, and secrets to success that marked her journey to becoming one of the most personable figures in broadcasting. Enduring an almost fatal car crash and rising from it even stronger, Denisse has been through it all and speaks to the fire necessary to make your mark on the world as a human being, but also as a Latina in male dominated spaces. Whether in English or Spanish, Denisse seeks to inspire people by encouraging them to blossom through acceptance, transformation, and confidence, and galvanize audiences into taking action in their lives.

To inquire about speaking opportunities, please message us here.