I’m always amazed, and really I shouldn’t be, when in this great big country of ours I find the wonders and beauty we so often associate with more exotic locales.  Sedona is definitely one of these, and Hollywood can attest, just google it away and see.

Sedona is by no means a big city, boasting a population of merely 10,000 people, its claim to fame are its majestic rock formations.  I visited Sedona a little more than a decade ago, and what has stuck with me the most are those vibrant colors, reds and oranges, bouncing off the desert illuminating the dry heat of the Arizona landscape.

There are two mandatory ways to traverse the area surrounding Sedona.  The first one is obvious, driving.  The second one, a bit more risky, flying is worth the surge of adrenaline.  It is spellbinding to swoop down on the canyons, swooshing past the naturally frescoed walls, enjoying panoramas like no other place in the world.

When all is done, find respite in a very unique chapel.  Carved into a cliff on the rock, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, though small, is replete with the sort of spirituality only found in a place like Sedona.


Better wonders.  Better flying.  Better travel.

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