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Religiosity in Israel

There’s no escaping the inherent spirituality of Israel.  There are underpinnings of religiosity in everything you do there.  Everywhere you turn there’s a biblical, a quranic, or a judaic reference.

One of the first towns that I visited in Israel was the beautiful and sparse ancient town of Capernaum.  One of my favorite landmarks was the famed White Synagogue, which according to its inscription, was built atop the eponymous Jesus Synagogue, with is where Jesus was once rumored to have taught and where he famously healed a man in Luke 4:31-36.

A handful of miles back in Jerusalem, we just had to visit the Rock Mosque with its iconic gold cupola.  But the standout architecture, one of the oldest examples of Islamic architecture, doesn’t cease to surprise.  Though ultimately not unique, one of it’s most stunning, most memorable characteristics is its octagonal structure.  It is no understatement then, to say that it is one of Jerusalem’s most recognizable landmarks.


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