El Pais Vasco (The Basque Country) is one of Spain’s, and honestly Europe’s, most peculiar of regions.  Its language, perhaps its most striking characteristic, predates all Romance Languages including Latin itself.  This, combined with its staunchly regionalistic personality and its governmental autonomy within Spain proper, leads to a very unique identity which is felt no matter where you travel in the region.

Perhaps my favorite place is San Sebastián (St. Sebastian) or more accurately Donostia as it is known in the local Basque tongue.  Its Cathedral of the Good Shepard, more commonly known simply as the Cathedral of St. Sebastian, is a truly wonderful example of Neo-Gothic architecture.  Honestly, it is a particular site to see when the setting sun hits it.  I would suggest an outdoor cafe and a glass of good red wine over some of its world renowned cuisine.


Better Wine.  Better Architecture.  Better Travel.

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