To us Spanish speakers, whether we think about it or not, Madrid (Spain) always tugs at our heart strings.  It is our motherland after all, and the namesake of our mother tongue.  It is, no understatement, believe me.

Our elders and academics and culture-philes have always scoured Spain for enlightenment, for direction, for inspiration.  It is because of this, that most of our Latino culture is strongly ensconced between the tug of our nationalism and our respect and love for Spain.

For me, it is a sweet reminder of my childhood, and as such, it always brings a warm smile to my face.

To enjoy Madrid you must simply remember to enjoy yourself.  Enjoy the food.  Enjoy the art.  Enjoy the culture, history, and above all, don’t forget to enjoy the scenery.  Do yourself a huge favor and enjoy the streets of Madrid between pastries and coffee.  You will thank me for it.


Better culture.  Better memories.  Better travel.

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