Puerto Rico is known by many names, my favorite is La Isla Bonita, The Pretty Island, and that it is.  From the charm of Old San Juan to the pristine beaches, all the way to the caves of Camuy in the west of the island, Puerto Rico is truly a beautiful island, and at only a few hours flight from most U.S. cities, it is the perfect weekend getaway.

San Juan, Puerto Rico, like most Latin American cities, has a strong Spanish influence and that’s highlighted in its architecture and in some of its best restaurants.  Among them, La Mallorquina (est. 1848), is one its best, and definitely worth a trip all on its own.

But ideally, my trips to Puerto Rico are never complete unless I can walk off the beaten path looking for one of the many ubiquitous fritura (fritters) joints that tend to pop out of many a residence.  There is nothing quite like eating a freshly fried empanada or alcapurria (stuffed croquette) out of someone’s kitchen window or marquesina (porch).


Better beauty.  Better fritters.  Better travel.