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An Italian Road Trip

Perhaps not what you would expect from a great road trip region, what with it’s narrow streets and winding streets, but if you have the proper equipment, say a small Fiat, then it is beyond perfect.

One of those picturesque routes will take you through the central west regions of Italy, through Siena, Perugia, Assisi, Orvieto, and finally a bit north to the birthplace of the Renaissance Florence.  It’s thoroughly a beautiful stretch of small villages and towns, often dotted with hints of opulence, remnants of princes, popes and rich merchants of past.

What you have left is a countryside truly devoted to craftsmanship.  Perugia is world renowned for its chocolate.  Orvieto for its white wine.  Assisi for its stunning embroidery.  Agriculture is Siena’s claim to fame, though lately it has been trying to reinvent itself through technological prowess.

Florence, the most well known of all the cities in this road trip, is also the most beautiful, and worth leaving for the the end.  It’s most famous landmark, the dome of the Cathedral of St Mary of the Flowers, near the center of the city acts as either a perfect start to a walk towards the nearby hills to catch the cityscape, or a perfect destination for a walk through the city.


Better roads.  Better craft.  Better travel.

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